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Mixed Expired web 2.0

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Utilizing outdated Web 2.0 platforms can assist in enhancing your Google and other search engine rankings, allowing you to easily achieve higher rankings for keywords with moderate competition.

Contemporary web 2.0 platforms are not as potent as they once were. However, expired web 2.0 sites retain their appeal, functioning akin to mini PBNs due to their existing backlinks, authority, and superior crawl ability rates in search engines.

*Why expired web 2.0?*

-Have good Page Authority.

-High Page Rank.

-Have existing backlinks.

-No hosting cost.

-Powerful inbound link

-Increase Ranking quickly.

*Service Packages*


-12 registered expired web 2.0 blogs from a minimum of 3 types of web 2.0

-0x revisions

{Delivery Time: 3 days}


-0x revisions

25 registered expired web 2.0 blogs from a minimum of 6 types of web 2.0

{Delivery Time: 5 days}


-0 x revisions

Standard package with spin article for each blog and basic setup and page

{Delivery Time: 12 days}

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Service Packages


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